Ninja Heroes Mod APK 1.8.1 (Unlimited Gold/Silver)

  • Version 1.8.1 (Latest)
  • Android 5.0 and up OS
  • Developed by RedGameStudio
  • 60MB Size
  • 5M+ downloads
  • Updated Today
  • Google Play Store Link

The ninja heroes mod APK is an RPG game. Collect different ninja heroes and make your unique team to defeat your opponents. There are almost 100 different jutsu to learn that you can apply during your RPG fight.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Silver

Ninja Heroes RPG is a great way to enhance your gaming experience and make your ninja more powerful. If you’re looking for a fun RPG game that offers various features and challenges, you should definitely try the modded version of Ninja Heroes. With unlimited gold, silver, and coins, you’ll be able to take on any challenge and become the ultimate ninja in this roleplaying game.

The animations and graphics are perfect, and you can enjoy smooth gameplay. Different heroes are available to choose from, and each has different skills and abilities for fighting in ninja heroes new era RPG.

This RPG game is developed by the naruto series, which has millions of fans around the world. This game is also loved by millions of people. Millions of people have downloaded and played this roleplaying game and shared their best reviews about this game. So, download ninja heroes and enjoy this amazing fighting RPG game. Now you can also download WWE champions APK from APK Mod Any.

Ninja Heroes apk

About Ninja Heroes Mod APK

The ninja heroes is the modified game version where you’ll get unlimited money, gold, and silver. You can use this money, gold, and silver to upgrade your game experience.

You can play this game online with real opponents. So, if you want to defeat your strong opponents, then download this modded version and upgrade your hero skills and abilities, and after that, you can defeat all strong opponents.

So, what are you waiting for? Download game ninja heroes and enjoy this action game. You’ll experience the best enjoyment that you can imagine in a good game. You can enjoy different missions of the game. Varieties of heroes are available to choose from, learn different skills from 100s of different skills, and much more. Anima mod APK is another great role playing game.


The gameplay of ninja heroes unlimited gold is very interesting and full of fun. You’ll not feel bored while playing this game due to its unique gameplay experience. This is a role playing game involving Ninja heroes.

Make your team and teach your heroes different skills. Upgrade your heroes by using different customization things free of cost. Now fight against your opponents to complete different missions to get rewards. You can use these rewards later to upgrade your game things.

Ninja Heroes New Era

You’ll find never-ending entertainment in this game due to the awesome gameplay. So, download ninja heroes no survey, and enjoy this best-time killer game. You may also like epic seven mod APK with a similar gameplay.

Collect and Train your Heroes

Collect different heroes in the ninja heroes mod and train them for fighting. You can teach them 100 different skills. Use these different tactics and skills during the fight against your opponents and defeat them to get unique rewards.

You’ll learn all the different skills that are necessary to become the best ninja. Choose all the best ninjas for your teams, like Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Madara, and more. Download ninja heroes mod APK unlimited gold and silver and enjoy this game and see how these powerful heroes attack opponents and defeat them.

Download Ninja Heroes

You’ll get more rewards after you win more games. Later you can use these rewards to upgrade and unlock more powerful heroes. Download ninja heroes hack and enjoy this game.

Features of Ninja Heroes New Era

This game has many amazing and unique features, which we are going to discuss below. Keep reading this complete article to know complete information about this game.

Unlocked Heroes

All heroes are unlocked in mod APK ninja heroes unlimited gold. Choose the best ones according to your desire. You don’t need to unlock each hero individually. Make your unique team and defeat all powerful opponents.

Join Online Community

It’s the best feature of this game. If you want to play this game online with your friends or with other random players, then join this growing community of this game. Here you’ll get many helpful tips and tricks to defeat your opponents. So, download ninja heroes unlimited gold and enjoy this feature of the game.

PvP Mode

It is one of the game’s best features, where you’ll fight against your opponents in the PvP arena. Your skills will be tested in different fights. You can also use auto mode, where you don’t need to attack manually on your opponents. Download ninja heroes hack APK and enjoy these different features of the game.

Customize your Heroes

You can use tons of costumes for the customization of your heroes. Teach them new skills and unlock various attacking weapons for your heroes so they can easily damage opponents. Upgrade their power and skills to make a powerful team. So, download ninja heroes mod APK infinite gold and upgrade your heroes by using this gold.

Daily Events to Get Rewards

You can get rewards in the ninja heroes daily. Complete different challenges and missions daily to get rewards, and you can use these rewards to upgrade your game experience.

Stunning Graphics

The graphics of this game are unique, and the visuals are outstanding, and impressive. You’ll have a smooth gameplay experience due to the great quality of the graphics. So, download ninja heroes unlimited gold and silver and enjoy this perfect fighting game. Ninja raiden revenge mod APK also has awesome graphics like this game.

No Ads

Ads are annoying when they appear on the screen during gameplay. This ninja heroes is without ads so that you can enjoy a smooth gameplay experience.

What’s New?

  • All Bug Fixes
  • Graphics Improved

How to Download Ninja Heroes New Era?

  1. First of all, open your mobile phone browser.
  2. Then visit our website and search for Ninja Heroes New Era.
  3. Find the download button at the start or at the end of the article and click download.
  4. Your game will start downloading immediately.
  5. Wait for the download to complete and then install and enjoy the APK.

How to Install Ninja Heroes New Era?

Installation is easy when the download process is completed. First, if you have any previous versions of this game, remove these all and then follow these steps:

  1. Before installation, make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your phone. For this, you have to follow these steps. First, open the menu>Settings>Security>, search for unknown sources, and enable it.
  2. After this, locate the ninja heroes in your download manager and click on the install button.
  3. Now your free mod is installed and ready to be used with unlimited features.

Wrap Up

The ninja heroes mod APK is a role-playing fighting game. It has millions of fans worldwide; if you are one of them, then download this game and enjoy the unlocked features of the game.

Make your unique team, teach your heroes skills, and defeat your opponents to get rewards. You can use these rewards to upgrade and unlock new heroes in the ninja heroes new era mod APK. We recommend that you should also try naruto slugfest mod APK.

Hopefully, you’re now clear about this game, and now you can play this game like a pro player. If you have any questions, you can ask us by leaving a comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer your queries regarding ninja heroes.


How to Get Unlimited Gold and Silver in Ninja Heroes?

You can get unlimited gold and silver by downloading the ninja heroes mod. This is a modified version of the game which is providing many premium features for free.

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